MoMa more like Momaav

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Have you ever been to MoMa? If you have you might want to go again. MoMa might be drastically changing for the better or some might say for the worst. Many people are wondering if video games should be included in MoMa but if this were to happen would they have to change it to MoMaav. Museum of modern art and video. This might be art but then you would have to paint it then it would be art or you could put it on a television. Many people would does not like this like Jonathon Jones he says ” that video games are not art.” But poeple like Paola Antonelli says “that they are art.”

I think that they most video games are art and that you have to have a very creative mind to make some stuff up. Have you ever heard of stop motion that is what some of the old cartoons are and they have lots of pictures that create them. All the pictures to create them would count as art.  all the original Mario games would count as art this would be very good if they had more video game things or even some videos that would let you see what some of the game play was like when playing it. MoMa stands for Museum of modern art and video games are very modern so they should have it in MoMa!


One Direction Sings About Math!?

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First question who is Emile Thomsen because I do not listen to one direction. This I was looking at one direction parody’s when I found this it was so funny I almost laughed my pants off when I was done watching it but here is the video for all one directioners (or whatever you call you’re self). This video is amazing, funny , and mathy. I guess that would be famathy if you would want to call it.

To Bag or Not to Bag That is the Question.

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I do not understand it, why do people use plastic bags and not cloth ones? That is what the Toronto city council is wondering. They wanted to put a ban on plastic bags in Toronto. That is what they wanted to happen but they did not follow through with the plan.  They voted to ban plastic bags and have it start on January 1,2013. Toronto city council has now changed the ban and are letting stores use plastic bags again. They changed their mind because other convenience store owners are threatening to sue them. Other councillors feel that the decision was made too quickly. The city council are going to go back and rethink the bylaw in June.

A councillor said ” that they need to move on.”  Toronto had a five cent plastic bag fee, they wanted to go easy on nature so they wanted to put a plastic bag ban on. They had a plan in place but then they voted to stop the ban then and there I think this was a catastrophic thing to do. This could have help the environment lots but they couldn’t stay with it. Many people were angry and happy about this but now it does not matter because they are now putting it aside and moving on. 

My Thing Is Minecraft

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As the tittle says I like to play minecraft lots. I like the idea that you can do anything you can imagen. Like you want to make a village you can.There is lots to do in it, like if you do not like building much there is redstsone it is basically it is wires and machines. One thing  I think I will like to do in minecraft is start building mini games. The only thing with mini games is that it you need to be good with redstone which I am not. But the only thing with it is that it is also on Xbox  which is not up to date  get it on the computer. There is lots to do in minecraft it is also challenging. If you do get it tell me how you like the game? If you already have it tell me how you like it?

He Walks Again!

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Have you ever seen an animal that can’t walk? Do you ever feel sorry for that dog ,well if you do then meet this dog. Jasper is a dachshund that lost his hind legs four years ago. But in cambridge university which is in England, a team of scientists were able to take  some of cells from the lining of his nose and put it into his legs. Jasper was a 10 year old dog when this happened. It took six months before Jasper was able to walk again. The team is optimistic that they might be able to do this with people who are paralyzed. This thing is cool because I think that this would be good in the future of mankind. I also think that this would make lots of people who can not walk happy. One thing that I think might go wrong is that dog and human DNA is not that much alike, but I am no DNA scientist. I think that this is a good thing, it would help lots of people and would make them happy. Tell me what you would think of this If it would happen to humans.

A Secret Happy Birthday Shhhh Do Not Tell Anyone.

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Have you ever met a spy or ever wanted to be one? If so then you should talk to this man. A man named George Blake is celebrating his 90th birthday, but that is not all he also was a double agent! He was born on November 11,1922. He was aBritish spy but he defected to Soviet Russia .This man was jailed for 42 years but managed to escape and went to Russia. The president of Russia says that he needs a very big thanks. Blake’s main job was to translate German papers.Here is a news network that is writing about him. I thought this was a cool thing to post because you do not see very much about spies and that this man had a very interesting life. I’ve always wondered what makes you want to become a double agent but now I see his side of the story. If I was him I think I would have made the same decision. What about you, would you make the same decision? Do you think this man’s life was interesting? Leave what you think in the comments and show this to your friends.

Five Card Story

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Five Card Story: The Great Wedding

a Five Card Flickr story created by Christian and Brendan

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

They leave town on horse. They end up at a beach and stay for the night. The next day they go to a wedding